Inter-Church Membership ($595.00 one-time fee)

Thank you for your interest in joining CTTA as a member. As a member of CTTA you are contributing to supporting Christians involved in the ministry of Christian Education. Your tuition will fund the varied and vital work of CTTA

Ministry/Church Membership to CTTA is open to different churches, ministries, denominations, theological seminaries, Christian universities, Bible colleges, institutes, local congregations and other institutions involved in the ministry of Christian education.

Church Membership Offer:

    • Full electronic access to CTTA CLASSROOM POWER-POINTS SERIES
    • Discounts for CTTA publications and conferences/meetings.
    • Networking with Christians in higher education from around the world.
    • Opportunities to partner with colleagues at member institutions in the United States and abroad.
    • Access to a teaching and scholarship resource data bank (password protected)  such as syllabus and best practices for different disciplines.
    • Lead or assist at CTTA faculty development programs worldwide.
    • Professional development through CTTA conferences and subsequent  publications derived from such presentations.

What does my $595.00 contribution accomplish?

    • Our association is not supported by institutional contributions outside of our members. Your dues will allow CTTA to continue to advance the cause of Christ through Christian Education.
    • It will expand opportunities for research and involvement on a more national and global level.
    • It will create greater opportunities to integrate faith and learning more fully in the field of teacher education.
    • Individual membership enables Christians who serve in public higher education institutions to interact with other Christians in teachers education.
    • It ensures that the organization will exists for future generations of teacher educators.


Church Membership Benefits

Church Certification
A beautiful Membership Certificate suitable for framing.
Online Mentoring
EBook Resourses
Listing of your Church as an active member in CTTA website.

Church Membership PowerPoint

Church Administration
Bible Study Methods
Sunday School Program
Women’s Ministries Resourses
Men’s Ministries Resourses
Children and Youth Ministry
Young Adults Ministry
Authenticity & Authority of the Bible
Church History
Biblical Evangelism
Old Testament Survey
New Testament Survey
Teaching the Teacher
VBS – Vacation Bible School
Biblical Discipleship Ministries.
Essential Church Planting